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  • For Used Car

    We are updating inventory information almost in real time. You should find your favorite car. Please search.

  • For Used parts

    We also sell parts that are extracted from used automobiles. If you find a vehicle that you want parts, please contact us immediately.

  • Japanese site

    We have released inventory information for Japanese market as well as for oversease. We are developing global transactions.

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  • How to

    I will briefly explain how to use the site. Please refer when you contact us.

  • About good-buy

    We are also busy in offering and selling High Quality Used Cars and Parts to all our local customers which we branded as “Good Buy". We have a dream to create a recycling network which must enable our customers getting empowered and self-sufficient.

  • About us

    Yoshimura. Inc, was founded in 1963 is a leading recycling company which has been dealing with various materials including automotives, recycle metals, and other materials. We have sold recycled metals, used automotive parts, and used cars to more than 120 countries as of now.

  • Local sales in Myanmar

    In cooperation with Roots Co., Ltd. we have been working on local sales in Myanmar. Our vision is the “social contribution” throughout business by providing “employment opportunity” for local people in Myanmar and striving to "minimize social and economic disparity" in the developing nation. We are challenging towards the bright future for kids in Myanmar.